Ark was created for MÅNDANS in 3eVäningen, Göteborg. This was the 7th edition of MÅNDANS and the theme of the evening was Uranus
Our concept:
There are Two in the infinite space of existence. In the dark. For the past 30 years, or even longer, they can’t even remember. Their sky was killed by Time. Their land burst. Who are they? Why are they just the two of them? Where are they and where are the others? These two are waiting. They are waiting for what they have never seen, for what they have never felt. They have heard it’s coming. Do they hope? Are they afraid of it? Will this give the answers to their questions?
They find themselves in an uninhabited cold place that’s far away, the last cradle of humanity. They hardly remember it wasn’t always like that. They hardly remember that there were more beings. They hardly remember that they’re the cause of everything. They don’t know what will happen next. In their despair, is there still a place for hope, or fear? The world in which they find themselves now hasn’t always been like this. It is coming…
In this work, we play with the hypothetical situation: What if our planet ends up uninhabitable like Uranus.
Uranus appears to us perhaps as a metaphor for the future of the planet Earth as an uninhabitable, deserted, abandoned world. Destroyed by its own civilization. Our narrative concentrates on the two last human beings in an infinite space of emptiness. Two units of consciousness, which are like the projection and reflection of each other and as two parts of a whole. These two recognize themselves in the relation with each other and with the outside barren world. They’re trying to understand the stream of causes and effects, the past, the present and the future, in the space and time around them. They are where the darkness reigns since their birth, but now, with the sun is coming, a glimpse of hope in their hopelessly defeated situation.
Anticipating it’s arrival their heads are bursting with imagination. Their eyes have seen nothing but darkness, it has shaped their reality. (Or reality shapes their imagination?) Can they imagine something never seen and experienced before? (Their knowledge, is that what shapes their experience? Can they create a completely new and unexplored reality based on their memory and knowledge?)
ARK is a subtle, sometimes abstract, sometimes absurd, profound and metaphorical picture/performance in which through the reflection of the physical body and mind we understand and embrace the space and distances of the universe, the consciousness of the individual being, the loneliness experienced together, imagination, attraction, action, act of creation and destruction, light and darkness, the causes and consequences, the beginning and end of all living things, past and future. We want to reflect on how far humanity is from the source now. How the emptiness is really empty. Do we really understand the size of infinity, and it’s emptiness? Do we really understand the possible consequences of our behavior on this planet?