Odd in a knot in collaboration with the Chalmers University


Architecture and Dance play by the same rules. Both work with the physical boundary of the body to craft space; one on the body as in the case of Dance; one on the materials as in the case of Architecture.Dance can be seen as a discipline that organizes space into temporary, fleeting architecture. Space is shared by both Dance and Architecture as a medium to frame or to express conceptual, emotional and also very concrete ideas. How do artists and architects experience, understand, consider, think and use space?

Both disciplines have through time been inter-connected and each has reflected on and expressed specific historical, geographical, social, political and cultural references. We observe this connectivity across cultures and across  centuries in the intricate lines of classical Indian dance echoed in the intricate temple reliefs; in the baroque era’s architectural exuberance and formality, reflected in the dress and gestures of the dances of that time; or in the influence of Bauhaus school’s revolutionary ideas about form and function on architects like Walter Gropius and dance artists like Oskar Schlemmer and later in the choreography of Merce Cunningham.

Odd in a knot has an ongoing research project with the Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, where the common ground between these two fascinating Art forms will be investigated and discussed