The Harmony Group

Odd in a knot is currently part of The Harmony Group, an open performative study group which is exploring the idea of harmony and its relation to control. Every month we meet in Skogen theatre in Gothenburg, to discuss further findings on this particular theme and possibilities of applying these in a performance or installation.

In December The Harmony Group takes over Skogen for a week. We will have drop-in study and game sessions, events, as well as invited guests. Our three events are: a dance workout session followed by sauna, a screening of the film This Changes Everything, and an afternoon of movement games, The Norbert Wiener Memorial Feedback Orchestra, and presentation and discussion of the Harmony Group.
This week of activities has been arranged and organized by several members of the Harmony Group, an open study group that explores the relationship of harmony to control through both discussion and activity. The group has been meeting regularly since April 2015, and is open for anyone from any background to join at any time.


Public Events:
Tuesday, Dec 8, 18:00:
Friskvu00e5rd med TNEC. Keep yourself in shape with an after work dance party, with juice bar and post-dance sauna.
18:00 Food & juice bar
19:00 The non existent rave, NOTE: common start time
19:00u201319:15 Group or individual warmup
19:15u201321:23 Rrose DJ mix/podcast (Techno with bright lights and smoke)
21:30 Sauna and stretching for those who wish.

The sauna and shower are unisex. There are also several rooms for changing separately.
Organized by The non existent Center in collaboration with The Harmony Group.
(This is not art, this is health care)

Wednesday, Dec 9, 18:00:
Screening of the documentary film This Changes Everything, by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein, with discussion afterwards led by an invited guest.
In conjunction with the big climate conference in Paris, we present this topical film that follows “seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montanau2019s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond. Interwoven with these stories of struggle is Kleinu2019s narration, connecting the carbon in the air with the economic system that put it there.”
The Harmony Group has been studying different aspects of complex systems and how to intervene with them, initially inspired by the systems thinking behind the early climate research of Limits to Growth.
Soup at 18:00, movie at 19:00, followed by a short break and then discussion.

Saturday, Dec 12, 17:00:
On Saturday we wrap up our week’s activities with a performance of a movement game we have been working on involving videotape, followed by a performance of The Norbert Wiener Memorial Feedback Orchestra (a chaotic ecosystem of electronic feedback). We’ll then have a short presentation and discussion of what the Harmony Group is and what we have been doing under 2015. Afterwards we will have food and can continue discussion, leading into an evening of music and dance.
17:30 Tape game
18:15 Norbert Wiener Memorial Feedback Orchestra
18:45 Presentation of the Harmony Group and discussion
19:30u2013close Food, Dance, open play on Feedback Orchestra

Full schedule
During the week we will also have several study group sessions where members of the public will have an opportunity to join us if they are interested. During these sessions we will, among other things, build three-dimensional cardboard structures to alter the space, continue discussions around our study topics, engage in movement games, and work with our archive of study material. Events marked “group” are not open to the public and are primarily for more concentrated study or planning and preparation work.